Shared Services Organizations Better Start Worrying About Customer Service

Retailers and brands consistently worry about maintaing loyal customers and getting people to come back. Customers may not know the behind-the-scenes interactions a company has with other businesses simply because they just want to satisfy their own retail wants and needs. This is true for any customer using a product or service, and although it is common for people to acknowledge the need for a brand to have loyal customers, it is also the responsibility of shared services organizations to have happy and loyal customers.

Specializing in Loyalty

Shared services organizations usually specialize in a particular field of a business, with a particular function. But, having loyal customers is everyone’s business, including the brand’s. If a brand doesn’t have return customers, then it’s not long before the brand and the shared services company are left with no customers altogether. This is why it is important for everyone to be involved in Turning Customers Into Fans.

Creating brand loyalists out of customers doesn’t just happen with the products people buy. Customers can shop anywhere, but they choose to shop at particular stores or seek certain services because of some distinguishing reason. Whether it’s the fact that customers can shop online and get personalized offers and discounts, or because of the quality of service, there’s a lot more that goes into making customers into fans than just having saleable products.

Customer Service Isn’t Everything

Customers want an experience when they are shopping at or interacting with a company and it’s up to shared services organizations, as well as the brand, to meet any expectations. With shared services organizations growing by 71%, it is absolutely necessary that they have a stake in making customers happy. Making a shopping experience truly enjoyable requires more than just a simple greeting and checkout at the register — every aspect of a customer’s experience involves the buyer wanting to feel special.

In the 21st Century, people may never have to actually step into a store to shop for something. But, they deserve an experience comparable to if they went into a brick-and-mortar store, if not better. In order for customers to really become fans, innovation can’t stop with the brand — it’s everyone’s responsibility to build a loyal fan base of customers.

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