KPMG Recognized as a Social Business Leader for 2013

KPMG, a large professional services company with 145,000 people, was ranked as one of the top E2 Social Business Leaders for 2013 for “putting social technologies to work on a global scale.” In the announcement written by the Editor of InformationWeek Education, David F. Carr points out that KPMG saw rapid adoption of tibbr within the first few months of deployment. Enterprise social networking also played a role in securing a new client because their consulting team was able to gather expertise from people they would otherwise be unlikely to connect with.

“Bringing people together in such a large machine is not easy,” said KPMG’s Vishal Agnihotri. But by connecting colleagues across the network, the social platform “allowed a lot of people to come together and put their expertise together. It’s very rare that one service line can answer all the questions a client has,” Vishal said.

“As a professional services firm, our biggest asset actually lies in our people’s heads, their knowledge accumulated from multiple client engagements,” Vishal said. While KPMG has some formal knowledge management processes, “it’s absolutely impossible to capture every single thing,” she said. Employees can call or email each other to find answers, but finding the right person to talk to takes time. “The social network takes care of some of that process,” she said.

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