tibbr Launches Web-Conferencing Meetings for Enterprise Social

We’re excited to announce tibbr Meetings, a solution to integrate web conferencing—Cisco WebEx, Skype and Google Hangouts—within your enterprise social network. This builds on our vision to create a platform that integrates with an employee’s application of choice, and to get work done faster.

Think about how long it used to take to set up a meeting. First you’d have to call so-and-so to find out whom to include. Then you’d have to create a calendar invite, add all of these usernames to it, copy and paste some webinar information, provide an agenda, include a supporting document after sorting through some file system … dial in, enter meeting codes and so forth. What’s more, you needed to figure out how to get a recording and send it out to everyone. All told, this usually involved toggling back and forth between several different systems.

With the announcement of tibbr meetings, the whole process has been made much simpler. In just a few steps employees can access their meeting platform of choice (WebEx, Skype or Google Hangouts) without leaving their enterprise social network, add their group, easily include documents, and then they’re set to go. Plus, meetings can be recorded and posted back into the conversation thread, so employees can revisit the details later.

tibbr Meetings eliminates the time spent coordinating, so people can focus on getting real work done. Plus companies can better leverage their investment in WebEx or Skype, and increase productivity with one integrated collaborative experience.

For more information, check out the press release, and if you haven’t already try tibbr.