TIBCO Iris Provides a Living, Learning Knowledgebase For Support

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TIBCO CTO Matt Quinn took advantage of the Transform 2013 conference stage to announce the release of our latest big data product, TIBCO Iris. The beauty of a product like Iris is indeed in the eye of the beholder, as the core concept behind the product is the democratization of log data — getting log data into more hands than just the traditional security analysts.

Consumerization of IT

As we all know, with the consumerization of IT, there is increasing demand for simple, easy-to-use data tools that can provide added context to any role from sales and marketing to engineering and support.  Support, specifically, will see huge benefits in Iris’s ability to solve more complex problems with a minimal service desk.

Why Cloud Demands Cost-Effective Support

With the rapid rise of cloud-based SaaS applications that exist in a highly-distributed environment — with diverse errors and an urgent need for support — these companies have less control and knowledge than ever before. Log files supplement the sparse Boolean of a user logged in to your web portal or not, and can make all the difference through much deeper intelligence.

Knowledge management needs to be done in a new way that doesn’t carry a high cost. High support costs break the very model of agile SaaS applications, and conflict with the whole point of the cost-effective cloud revolution. With Iris, multiple log files can be taken together and the resolution of any issue can be stored as a filter.  This makes the system faster, smarter, and more efficient, and will virtually automatically solve a similar problem the next time.  Solutions build in complexity over time, as resolution filters can build based on more than 10 years of log expertise from enterprise class log management solutions.

Self-Service to the Enterprise

Iris has a multi-user environment, runs on a windows desktop client, and has basic visualization that adds a much-needed business user experience; it’s a differentiator in the space. The dynamic, agile parsing technology allows for customized structure and organization where queries and navigation can be created to suit the needs of a unique business. The simplicity of the “click, not code” business user-friendly approach of Iris is that any user can be productive on day one for immediate impact with enterprise grade back-end engineering at their fingertips.  Iris maintains connectivity to the TIBCO portfolio and makes it easy to connect to software-like messaging for efficient and reliable connectivity and collaboration around data.

For more, watch this webinar on TIBCO Iris.