Innovation at its Finest: TIBCO LogLogic

cyber security and data protection

There is a big difference between invention and innovation. Invention is the creation of something new. Innovation is doing something that has been done before, differently and better. Improving on a process, tool or solution is just as important as having the original. Our lives continually get better because of the innovations bettering the tools we already have. From automobiles, to airplanes, to cell phones, without innovation, we would be stuck in the stone ages. We might not be able to reinvent the wheel, but we can definitely innovate using it. TIBCO is not only a leader in infrastructure software, but also a leader in innovation.

The Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin knows TIBCO’s innovative capabilities. The nation is a federally recognized sovereign nation that operates many of the functions typically found in other governments, such as Environmental Services, Law Enforcement, Licensing and Zoning, Public Works and Transit. The nation needed a company that would bring them success. The Oneida Tribe sought out LogLogic in order to have a log management solution compatible with an extensive range of log source devices and applications to help achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance. Oneida automated their log and security event management because of LogLogic, so the amount of time and resources they invest in managing IT environments has been significantly reduced.

Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin has an IT department responsible for managing an infrastructure that spans across many different industries, including retail, businesses, government, education, and health services. The Oneida Tribe has to ensure both PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance for the organization’s many branches, streamline operational efficiencies, and IT troubleshooting processes, as well as ensure security from real-time threats. These are not new challenges, nor are they specific to Oneida, but that does not mean companies cannot take an innovative approach  for best results. Oneida Tribe needed a tool that would not only address their regulatory compliance needs, but also their security and operational needs. TIBCO LogLogic was the solution.

data protection and cyber security

Before using LogLogic, Oneida Tribe faced several viruses across many different branches, and this required thorough forensic analysis of their server and firewall logs. Before using TIBCO, they had to manually search for the information and it was impossible to find. Manual processes are time consuming and costly, which is why innovations help make life easier. LogLogic would provide Oneida Tribe a tool that was compatible with all of the different systems and log sources in their IT environment. Because of LogLogic, the Oneida tribe can meet regulatory compliance requirements and serve their customers to their highest standards. LogLogic has proven to be an effective tool that has delivered impressive results. The Oneida Tribe now has better insights, improved security, custom reports handled in real time, and improved operational efficiencies. Use TIBCO LogLogic and you will see innovation at work.

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