tibbr Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave Activity Streams

We’re excited that Forrester Research Inc. named tibbr as a Leader in Activities Streams in “The Forrester Wave™: Activities Streams, Q2 2012” report.

In many ways, it’s an indicator of how far enterprise social has come. Businesses are moving away from using standalone content management systems and turning to private social networks that integrate with their current business solutions. With tibbr activity streams, employees receive all the content and data relevant to how they work and interact with it in real time. Activity streams connect employees to each other and relevant information, all from an intuitive social interface.

Forrester’s recognition also shows how far our product has come in a competitive landscape, especially given that tibbr GA-launched in January 2011, much later than any of the other enterprise social software vendors mentioned in the wave.

Forrester highlighted us as one of the few vendors offering an on-premise model as well as private cloud, SaaS, and hybrid, where we can fully integrate with existing business applications. The on-premise offering is critical for many of our large customers where security is a concern, and integrating sensitive data from business applications with a cloud-based social platform is not an option. For example, many of our customers located outside of the U.S., cannot host their social platform in a data center based only in the U.S., nor do they want to move sensitive information from SharePoint, Oracle Expense or other systems to a cloud-based social network.

Also, the fact that we have 1 million paid users in a short span of time shows how the product has matured rapidly and the market is ready for a product like this. With tibbr being used in 83 countries and across many verticals—retail, oil and gas, health care, wholesale banking, professional services, etc., we’re already starting to see the global demand for enterprise social networking.

We were honored that Forrester also recognized us for our mobile platform offering. Out of our customers, 63% of them access tibbr via their mobile device. Employees need to access the latest notifications on their mobile device and take action without logging into a system or VPN. The director of sales, for example, needs to be able to do everything from one-time approving that expense report to knowing the latest status of a customer account—all from his mobile device. The next generation of workers will be very mobile. Enterprise social needs to fit the way employees naturally consume and interact with information.

Most large enterprises are thinking beyond social and want to know the real value behind it. For them, it’s closely tying their social product to the way their employees work. All of our enterprise customers think this is really important. Through activity streams, we’re making it so employees receive actionable notifications in the context of their social network, from any device.