Localiza Rent A Car Speeds Up with IT Modernization and Visual Analytics

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are so many places in the world to visit and explore – what better way to explore them all with the freedom of a rental car? Localiza, which provides car rental services, is one of the top businesses in the transportation sector of major Latin American countries. As Localiza grew aggressively, it had to ensure that existing operations did not suffer. To provide customers the same experience everywhere, Localiza emphasized a high standard of maintenance across all locations. IT modernization enabled Localiza to automate many of its manual processes and promote adherence to customer experience quality standards across all locations, including the location maintenance process.

Enabled by TIBCO, Localiza’s Location Maintenance Process is an automated system operating in a uniquely manageable and measurable way. In an instant, maintenance work from any location is assigned to Localiza headquarters for budget review, approval, scheduling and contracting. New efficiencies eliminate executional lag time. Lighting is repaired instantly, walls are painted promptly, and clean-up crews arrive before customers see the mess.

Localiza also uses TIBCO Spotfire® – a powerful analytic platform. Spotfire’s real-time dashboard vividly renders these metrics: the number of maintenance requests by location; the status of said requests; maintenance costs by location; the average time to complete a job, and more.  From analyses of the data emerge key performance indicators as benchmarks of optimal efficiency.  Location managers now use a self-service portal to create their own analytic views, predict trends, and initiate maintenance work.

“Localiza is constantly striving to provide its customers with best-in-class service,” says Alberto Campos, CIO of Localiza. “The integration of TIBCO solutions into our business enables us to continue providing that high level of service to our customers, as well as operate our business in a more cost-effective, agile and efficient manner.”

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