RuleML2011: events and reaction rules

As surely as Business Rules Forum follows RulesFest, so RuleML follows Business Rules Forum. This is the “academic” rules conference, which boasted a good selection of CEP-related papers this year covering some interesting topics. My (first) session here was a keynote covering “Experiences in CEP” – a slightly different slant on the session presented at RulesFest. Today we explored more the different roles and rule types used in 2 rule-driven TIBCO event processing technologies:

  • TIBCO Hawk: event filtering for alarm detection: ECA rules providing “reflex” behaviors for systems
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents: full event / event stream processing including Rete-based inferencing / event pattern processing

We’ll do a comparison in a future post. But the general message for the RuleML community was one of encouragement: the use of rules / rules technology / event-driven rules is succeeding, and growing, in industry.

With the end of the BBC conference, the hotel has returned to its normal industry-specific event schedule. By the pool an open area has been turned into an outdoor wedding chapel.  Downstairs there is some kind of gynaecology conference being set up – complete with a curtained off booth that looks like it might actually be a “demo area”… no, surely not?