RulesFest, Business Rules Forum, and RuleML – starting next week

It’s that time of year again – next week is the RulesFest conference (W coast USA), followed by the Business Rules Forum conference and RuleML workshop (co-hosted on the E coast USA). From a CEP perspective we have:

  • rulesfestRulesFest: a good selection of sessions on CEP-related matters, such as:
    • EBay’s Kenny Shi on a real-time decision platform and decisions as asssets.
    • IBM’s Daniel Selman on situations, decisions and processes, and probably giving an update on IBM’s efforts to merge their Business Events and Business Rules architectures.
    • Mauricio Salatino of Plug Tree (a Drools consultancy) is talking about rules, processes and CEP based on an emergency services demo.
    • Event Driven Rules and Experiences in CEP courtesy of TIBCO
    • Nate Derbinsky from the University of Michigan on scaling of memory for “Reactive Rule-based Agents” using SOAR.
  • brforumBusiness Rules Forum: this is part of the analyst-focused Building Business Capability conference that seemed wildly popular last year.
    • Nathan Bell of Pharmacy OneSource has built his own version of  a “massively parallel expert system” using Drools and Gigaspaces.
    • Paul Haley of Automata is presenting on the Semantics of Events.
    • TIBCO is presenting on what analysts need to know about business events…
    • I see also that EBay’s Kenny Shi is presenting here too, albeit on the economics of decisioning rather than real-time decisions.
  • rulemlRuleML: this is the more technical part of the week versus BR Forum:
    • A keynote on Event-driven Rules: Experiences in CEP (from TIBCO)
    • Standards for Complex Event Processing and Reaction Rules by Adrian Paschke, Paul Vincent, Florian Springer, based on the Dagstuhl work
    • Supporting Data Consistency in Concurrent Process Execution with Assurance Points and Invariant Rules by Susan Urban, Andrew Courter, Le Gao and Mary Shuman
    • Probabilistic Event Calculus based on Markov Logic Networks by Anastasios Skarlatidis, Georgios Paliouras, George Vouros and Alexander Artikis
    • On Applying Temporal Database Concepts to Event Queries by Foruhar Ali Shiva and Susan Urban
    • Event Condition Expectation (ECE) Rules for Monitoring Observable Systems by Stefano Bragaglia, Federico Chesani, Paola Mello, Marco Montali, Davide Sottara and Emory Fry.

TIBCO is also sponsoring the BBC / Business Rules Forum event, and indeed TIBCO’s Nimbus CEO Ian Gotts is also presenting here. Looks like a busy 2 weeks – please look me up if you are attending any of these events!