TUCON2010: Keynote – the “2 Second Advantage”

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tucon2010TIBCO CEO Vivek Ranadive presented his “2 second advantage” at TUCON’s kickoff – having enough info, 2 seconds before anyone else, lets you make critical decisions in real-time to the advantage of your business. Getting cross-sell messages to you as you walk past a store, not beyond when you are at home. Having an airline tell you where your bag is, not you finding out by waiting in a baggage hall.

Vivek describes this as “Enterprise 3.0” – where everything is an event. Enterprise 2.0 was “find out after the event”, treat everything as a transaction to be stored and analysed later – which can’t handle the event explosion. In a nutshell, Enterprise 2.0 is pull, Enterprise is 3.0 is push. The database is no longer the center of IT – the importance has shifted from “data” to “event”.