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The TIBCO Community is a place for you, our valued TIBCO customers and software users, to find the essential information you’re looking for, connect with your peers, review the latest technical articles, and share best practices for TIBCO products and capabilities. A go-to site and homebase for all your TIBCO needs––that’s just become an even better asset!

Discover the exciting updates and improvements we’ve made to the TIBCO Community outlined below.

What’s new: TIBCO Community updates

The TIBCO Community is focused on providing the most helpful platform and tools possible for our TIBCO users. In an environment where things change quickly and questions need to be addressed immediately, the TIBCO Community provides a forum to find those answers—in technical resources, articles, or from your peers that have experienced the same and found solutions. We know how critical the TIBCO Community is to staying active and in-touch with fellow users—as well as involved with our widespread TIBCO community as a whole.

See the following updates made to ensure the site continues to inform, connect, and support users in the most useful way possible:

  1. New functionality/capabilities: The enhanced TIBCO Community site has even more functionality and capabilities. We heard your feedback and are excited to announce an easier and more attractive interface and user experience. Users will need to create new passwords to login, and then they can fully enjoy the upgraded site.
The homepage view of the new TIBCO Community site.
  1. Separate communities: We have also taken the time to separate our communities into newly enhanced sites including:  TIBCO, Spotfire, ibi, and Jaspersoft based on the updated business units within Cloud Software Group.
  1. Increased user engagement: The new TIBCO Community site is designed to increase and streamline user engagement. With the new update of showcasing awards and badges for all users, this change encourages participation and connectedness.
  1. And coming soon—the TIBCO Community newsletter! We’re excited to announce the upcoming addition of the TIBCO Community newsletter. Users will soon be able to subscribe and stay up-to-date on the latest TIBCO announcements, capabilities, events, and resources.

Check out the new TIBCO Community!

The best way to discover these exciting new changes and updates is to see them for yourself! Deep-dive into the new TIBCO Community today to log into the new site and better connect with your peers.

Head to community.tibco.com to check out the new TIBCO Community site today!