Get to know the new TIBCO®: See our fresh look!

The new home page on the TIBCO website.
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Welcome to the refreshed TIBCO® brand! We’re excited to usher in the new era of TIBCO as a business unit within Cloud Software Group. There’s no better way to do that than by taking a look at our updated website. While we’re still providing the same industrial-strength, mission-critical enterprise software you’ve loved for decades, we’ve made some changes to the site that TIBCO customers are sure to appreciate.

Learn more about the history of the TIBCO brand and dive into our redesigned look on, or explore further below!

The TIBCO legacy

In the late 1990s, TIBCO came onto the scene and revolutionized the financial industry by ushering in real-time communication within financial markets—without manual human intervention. Over the years, TIBCO has grown tenfold, making it a household name as mission-critical enterprise software—not only for financial services—but among the transportation, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, retail, and several other industries as well.

Learn more about why we’re the chosen real-time, enterprise-grade software for customers around the world on our redesigned Why TIBCO page.

What’s new with the TIBCO website?

For more than 25 years, TIBCO has offered a wide range of technology and capabilities to deliver real-time data wherever and whenever it’s needed most. We continue to do just that, but with a few cosmetic yet critical changes to keep up with the high standards we provide our customers. In the unveiling of our refreshed TIBCO brand and completely redesigned website, visitors will notice:

  1. Improved website UX: New navigational formatting, streamlined and highly accessible contact/help forms, added contrast for improved readability, and reorganized/realigned TIBCO offerings for increased customer clarity and ease of use.
  1. Updated design: The TIBCO site is now light, bright, highly contrasted, interactive, and brings great functionality to users. Visitors can easily view displayed content and gain a quicker understanding of TIBCO technology and the success those TIBCO solutions deliver.
  2. New TIBCO Community: TIBCO users will also experience the same aforementioned updates on the new TIBCO Community site. Discover the improvements made and visit the TIBCO Community to see for yourself!

Come take a new look at an old friend and deep dive into these changes, among many others, on

Explore our TIBCO customers

As the trusted choice of our customers, TIBCO provides solutions that are essential to the success of the world’s largest enterprises. On our newly refreshed TIBCO site, visitors can explore an updated list of featured TIBCO customer success stories.

Explore TIBCO customer success stories from NASA, University of Chicago Medicine, Aeroporti di Roma, and many others on our refreshed Customers page!

Exciting changes to come!

This new age of TIBCO brings with it a revitalized brand and a completely redesigned TIBCO website—but it’s only the beginning. Keep an eye out for more upcoming changes that we can’t wait to share. 

In the meantime, (and in case you’re not there already) head to to check out our new look for yourself.
If you have any questions for our TIBCO team, please contact us today.