TIBCO NOW Day 2: Limitless Opportunity and Partnering

Fred Studer, CMO at TIBCO NOW 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The world is defined by data. And its potential is limitless.

By design, LIMITLESS is unbound. It represents the potential for technological progress, a positive impact on societal well-being, and the diversity of people who participate and benefit in a data-centric world. 

Today, we learned about the ongoing innovation at TIBCO, limitless success for those exploring the depths of technology (and even outer space!), and we challenged the barriers to our success through forward-looking discussions into current opportunities.

Limitless Opportunity: Keynote

TIBCO CMO Fred Studer kicked off today’s keynote, energizing the atmosphere to the limitless possibilities of opportunity and partnering, followed by COO Matt Quinn, who discussed the challenges of data and the potential of TIBCO technology. And Sandy Carter, VP of Public Sector Partners and Programs at AWS, explained the importance of defining a data strategy to set the foundation for the machine learning capabilities of tomorrow.

For the main event, some of the world’s most compelling thinkers and doers, Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Jennifer Doudna and Interplanetary Navigator Dr. Jill Seubert, also discussed what “limitless” has meant in their lives and its importance for the future of the planet and beyond.

Whether exploring the possibilities of our genetics or exploring the depths of the universe, data is at the center of all human transformation. 

Rani Johnson and Dr. Jennifer Doudna discussed the extraordinary possibilities of genetic editing in healthcare and the ethics surrounding it. They also talked about the journey of women in the workforce and how Doudna rose to become a Nobel Prize Winner for her discoveries. Doudna states, “I’ve always really been driven by my passion for discovery and my curiosity about the natural world.”

Dr. Jill Seubert, Interplanetary Navigator

Dr. Jill Seubert describes how she successfully navigated NASA’s Perseverance Rover all the way to Mars and the future of autonomous navigation. Seubert states, “If we want to discover more, we first need to explore more…Perhaps we could learn something about how Earth has changed across the millennia and how it could still change.”

This is true of data and our limitless possibilities as pursuers of knowledge. To accelerate our own transformation, we first have to explore the depths of our current limits and make space for future technologies.

Limitless Partnering: Keynote

For partners, limitless means unparalleled partnerships, customer success, and unstoppable growth. When we work together, we optimize how to solve the world’s toughest data challenges and help our customers be faster and smarter at building transformation capabilities that are truly limitless. 

The 2021 TIBCO NOW Partner Keynote discussed:

  • Strategic insights and program enhancements for accelerating partner success in 2022
  • Examples of partners who drive limitless partnering
  • How to focus on delivering more customer excellence together in 2022 through the Customer Excellence for Partners Program
  • Launch of two new programs: Partner Delivered Training and Partner-to-Partner multi-partner engagement
Tony Beller, Senior Vice President, WW Partner Ecosystem and OEM Sales

Tony Beller, Senior Vice President, WW Partner Ecosystem and OEM Sales, introduced the launch of a new multi-partner engagement model, Partner-to-Partner: “The opportunity together is limitless and the future together is now. What better way to open limitless opportunities for our partner ecosystem and customers than inviting our partners to build and grow together, not just with TIBCO, but with each other.” 

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