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TIBCO Business Process Automation
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As the world emerges from the pandemic, it’s become clear that organizations must accelerate their digital businesses initiatives to remain profitable and viable. 

Organizations struggled to adapt quickly in response to sudden, rapidly evolving customer and employee needs, and many experienced disruptions to their business processes. For example, any location-reliant processes were interrupted when employees began working from home, while other processes required quick updates to keep pace with customer preferences that changed almost overnight.

These examples show why it’s important to include process adaption and automation in your digital business initiatives. Automation helps create the business agility needed to continually adapt processes to meet new challenges. Additionally, businesses that automate processes have reaped other benefits, including: 

  • Improvements in operational efficiencies 
  • Increases in productivity by refocusing employees on high-value work
  • New revenue streams from digital business initiatives.  

With a Wealth of Opportunities to Automate, What’s the Hold-up?

You need look no further than the employees who work across your organization to discover areas that are ripe for automation. What opportunities do they see in their day-to-day work that could make your business work more efficiently and effectively?

Here are a few areas you might focus on:

  • Customer service teams could improve satisfaction with faster problem resolution by using automation to route incidents to the right people
  • Underwriting teams could eliminate time wasted on manual approaches by automating the rejection of incomplete or invalid claims
  • Marketing teams could reach out to new prospects at the moment of engagement by automatically adding sales leads to their databases.  

The list goes on, and if you talk to your business leaders, you’ll probably discover that you have several other opportunities to automate across all areas of your business.

Given the abundance of candidates for automation, why do many businesses continue to have a wide range of manual activities? Organizations often face two common barriers to agility:

  • Dependence on IT: Overburdened IT departments may barely be able to keep pace with the demand for mission-critical initiatives, much less assist various departments with process issues
  • Lack of effective tools: Teams and employees are rarely given the tools they need from the business that match their varying technical skills and enable them to automate processes themselves.

The Solution: Empower your Business Users to Streamline Processes

Most processes are best streamlined and automated by front-line staff members who are immersed in them every day. These employees have the experience and knowledge to know what’s needed and how to best implement it.

But their success—and thus, yours—hinges on providing them with the right tools. And since your business users are probably not highly skilled technical experts, these tools must be simple to use (no coding required) and capable of quickly producing results within just days or hours.

Most processes are best streamlined and automated by front-line staff members who are immersed in them every day. Click To Tweet

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