The Key to a Highly Efficient Digital Business

Connecting systems, data, and people

TCI 3.0 Webinar with AWS

Digital business initiatives require automation, yet many organizations have a wide range of manual activities.

Humans at the Center of Automation
The focus for years has been automation between systems, without factoring in the human element. With the disruption to the workforce during the past year, it is clear that most organizations need to further reevaluate their processes, automate where possible, and streamline the steps that require human interaction.

Empowering the Business Users
Success requires modern approaches to connecting systems, data, and people—providing the agility and scale of the cloud and making it simple for business users to streamline processes.

Join AWS and TIBCO
Learn about evolution in the integration space that brings people to the center of workflow automation. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Current state in many organizations
  • Best practices and trends for self-service automation
  • Value realized by early adopters