TIBCO BusinessEvents 6.0: A journey towards cloud-native contextual event processing

TIBCO Business Events 6
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TIBCO is a market leader in the event processing space. That said, TIBCO BusinessEvents has helped many businesses increase their operational efficiency and make real-time decisions. We are happy to announce that we have released the long-awaited update to TIBCO BusinessEvents, version 6.0.  TIBCO BusinessEvents 6.0 is re-engineered to cater to the growing market needs for contextual, cloud-native event processing.

TIBCO BusinessEvents is one of the five foundational capabilities of TIBCO’s Responsive Application Mesh (RAM), which is a blueprint for building modern application architecture that can help its users achieve digital business excellence. TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh can help your existing framework achieve digital agility in a gradual, repetitive, and quantifiable manner.

The TIBCO BusinessEvents 6.0 release is primarily focused on four main aspects: flexible design, cloud-native deployments, metrics & visualization of events, and performance improvements. 

Flexible Design 

BusinessEvents 6.0 offers a loosely coupled architecture that enables users to use other TIBCO solutions and open-source options for clustering, caching, and persistence. It supports open-source, horizontally scalable, and fault-tolerant Apache Ignite as a cache provider, which will help users to process terabytes of data in either in-memory grid mode or native persistence mode for their real-time applications.

In this version, we’ve added support for  Apache Cassandra, which is a highly scalable and highly available NoSQL database, as a persistent storage provider along with ever-reliable TIBCO ActiveSpaces 4.x. 

Users can now use TIBCO FTL, low latency and high-speed application-to-application message distribution solution, as a cluster that also covers features like distributed locks, map-reduce jobs, etc. Additionally, they have options to configure their applications in clustered or unclustered mode with a direct store with the help of a newly added “Object Management” type as a store. 

TIBCO BusinessEvents 6.0 also continues to support TIBCO ActiveSpaces 2.x for caching and clustering. 

Cloud-Native Deployments 

Quickly moving from a trend to a necessity,  being cloud-native has become an integral part of every enterprise business running in the IT industry. TIBCO BusinessEvents 6.0 is certified across all major cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, RedHat OpenShift, and  Pivotal Container Service(PKS). 

With support for Docker and Kubernetes, the building and deployment of your applications over preferred cloud providers have become a smoother process.  Users can build their applications with all the supported configurations.  Support for Helm Charts manages the seamless stationing of applications over the cloud.

Utilities and scripts are available in the GitHub repository to help users deploy their applications over their preferred cloud providers along with supporting documentation. 

Advanced Metrics and Visualization

Today’s applications need to capture and analyze data in new and innovative ways. TIBCO BusinessEvents 6.0 has enhanced monitoring and visualization capabilities with support for time-series databases, including InfluxDB, which allows you to build dashboards with Grafana and other visualization tools. With the help of dashboarding tools, users can show appealing visualizations of data flow inside the applications with zero impact on performance.

Performance Improvements 

TIBCO BusinessEvents 6.0 has been re-architected to improve the performance of applications built in it. The newly introduced low-latency, key-based lookup strategy for searching entities in cache and stores has improved the performance by almost 30 percent. Additionally, it also allows the user to define composite primary keys for data lookups. 

To learn more about TIBCO BusinessEvents please visit the product page and documentation page.