Business Agility Starts with Responsive Technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In rapidly growing economies, your business looks to capture new growth opportunities that emerge quickly in the marketplace. On the other hand, in contracting economies, and especially those that contract rapidly and unexpectedly, your business needs to be protected and resilient so that it can weather the storm until the economy grows again.  

Both situations create a ‘new normal’ in which your business must operate, demanding agility so that it can respond to ever-changing new market conditions with speed.  

Business agility is therefore no longer a nice to have; it’s a business imperative. The ability to very quickly alter how your business operates, the products and services you offer, the makeup of your supply chains, the connectivity of your workforce, and how you engage your customers is quickly becoming a key business tenant. Is your business enabled to adapt to rapidly changing markets?  

Organizations are increasingly putting data and software at the core of their business. More and more businesses are operating using agile algorithms and data rather than documented processes. So it makes sense that in order to operate with agility, you must be able to adapt your application architecture rapidly so that it can quickly serve your business in new ways. Therefore, for today’s businesses, agility starts with an application architecture built with highly-responsive modern technologies.   

Roadblocks to Creating a Responsive Application Architecture

A responsive application architecture that creates business agility can deliver many benefits. It not only increases business resiliency today but lays a foundation for rapid innovation in the future. However, understanding the best approaches to evolving an existing architecture is challenging. Your organization must not only navigate new technologies but also evolve your strategy, teams, and development processes to support your new environment. Thus, many organizations look for guidance from industry experts to help them define a holistic approach to application architecture modernization. 

The TIBCO® Responsive Application Mesh is Your Modernization Blueprint

For several decades, TIBCO has gained vast experience by developing digital foundations for the world’s most successful organizations. 

Inspired by feedback from customers, partners, and analysts, TIBCO introduces the TIBCO(R) Responsive Application Mesh, a blueprint for the modern application architecture that can help you achieve digital business excellence. It sets out TIBCO’s vision for a modern application architecture that leads to maximum enterprise agility and provides a framework for operationalizing it with the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Platform.  The TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh blueprint guides your organization through application architecture modernization through strategy, people, process, and technology best practices.

We invite you to download a complimentary copy of this ebook, which provides a high-level introduction to the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh blueprint.