Sisal Hits the Jackpot with New Digital Gaming Experiences

Sisal Hits Jackpot with TIBCO
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Founded just after World War II, Sisal Group S.p.A has been serving the Italian gaming market for over 70 years. With more than 40,000 points of sale and 6.8 million customers in Italy, the company is known for very popular games such as Totocalcio, Totip, and Superenalotto, and for innovating the game experience, moving from solely in-person gaming to online playing.

The company is also in the middle of internationalization. In 2019, it opened a company in Morocco to manage the lottery, and in Spain for online betting. This year, it will expand its business to Turkey.

Data has a central role in understanding how customers behave. Sisal needed to link web data with betting data to see when a customer bets and for what amount. Additionally, the company wanted to understand the reasoning behind lost customers, or customers who go to the website, but don’t end up playing. 

The company needed a visual analytics solution to gather and analyze customer data to understand how to keep and cross-sell to customers. It started with a free trial of TIBCO Jaspersoft software. With the help of students at Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria University, the solution was assessed and determined to be the best. As a part of the evaluation process, students were asked to develop a small report and dashboard, which served as their final exam. Not only did the university deem Jaspersoft embedded BI the best choice for Sisal, so did Quantyca, the consultancy firm Sisal worked with. Sisal fully adopted Jaspersoft’s business intelligence, including for its international entities.

The company uses two editions of TIBCO Jaspersoft software. In Italy, it has roughly 50 users using Jaspersoft Community Edition. In Morocco, because the two countries don’t share data, the company needed a different solution for reports, so it implemented Jaspersoft Commercial Edition for about 100 users.

Sisal primarily uses TIBCO Jaspersoft software to create reports that customers can use either on a desktop or on the go. The company also built specific dashboards for every sports shop to analyze sales, products purchased, number of customers, and more. 

In Morocco, the software is used to certify every draw in the lottery. One report states how many people played, how many tickets were sold, the price of each ticket, who won, and how much they won. Another report provides a graphical representation of the number of tickets purchased per minute. All of this is maintained daily to provide the most recent data in real time.

Amount of tickets sales by hour for games KENO and LOTO. Each chart compares data between two consecutive days. It is used to give a quick look at how games are performing during the day and to discover if there are potential problems.

Looking forward, Sisal wants to provide data models to internal customers in Italy, Morocco, and Turkey so they can build their own reports.

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