Reinventing Logistics to Compete in the Digital Marketplace

PostNL Reinvents Business with TIBCO
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Business reinvention is tricky. Especially when you are taking something as traditional as a postal mail business and converting it to a logistics and e-commerce service provider. PostNL, a major mail, parcel, and e-commerce corporation, as well as the Netherlands’ largest logistics provider, struggled with this very issue. 

The company was looking for areas in which it could continuously improve, respond to daily customer feedback, and develop new, innovative services to expand its core competencies. PostNL looked to TIBCO as a partner to provide a cloud-native architecture that would enable it to compete in the digital marketplace. Now, the logistics giant has been able to digitize its manual processes, create new features and capabilities, and meet the increasing e-commerce delivery demand of parcel customers such as Amazon. 

As a result, PostNL develops its features 300 percent faster without downtime, giving it a competitive edge to respond to customer needs quickly. 

Additional benefits PostNL experienced include:

  • Reliability and scale at less cost. By moving to AWS, PostNL can now quickly scale up as needed and scale down when demand returns to normal levels, eliminating all hardware and software maintenance costs.
  • Continuous innovation for customers. The company is able to meet and keep meeting customer expectations by quickly and continuously innovating based on their needs.
  • Strong image, improved customer experience. PostNL now connects to all its business partners and provides a single unified image, reflected in its mobile app, digital assistant, website, personal online accounts, and multichannel customer communications.

PostNL wants to be “your favorite deliverer.” And with a new architecture in place, PostNL reinvented itself to focus on cost-cutting, creating innovative services and solutions, and improving customer satisfaction. It just goes to show that no matter how traditional and legacy-based your company is, you can reinvent your business to compete in the digital marketplace.

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