How to Quickly Grow Your Customer Base

How to grow your customer base with TIBCO
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When you have a dated, inflexible system, it’s hard to quickly adapt to change and engage customers in the way that they prefer. This couldn’t be truer for Skipton Building Society, a member-owned mutual lending and savings organization in the U.K. 

With customers asking for more digital interactions and because Skipton invests in itself for the long-term benefit of its members, it chose to work towards satisfying those changing needs. To help the company increase agility, adapt to market changes, and build unique new products to boost its customer base, Skipton implemented an API and integration platform with TIBCO. 

For Skipton, this implementation resulted in 10 percent customer growth in less than six months, which was two years ahead of schedule. Now, the company has the infrastructure in place to provide the first retirement fund of its kind in the U.K. 

The company also saw a number of benefits rooted in their newfound connectivity. Innovating to meet customer needs, Skipton uses APIs to create flexible standardized integrations to its banking services, which improved the company’s agility and ability to adapt. Skipton was also able to develop innovative new products, such as a mobile app, allowing customers to view their LISAs (similar to an IRA) from their phones. 

Thanks to a robust API-led integration strategy, Skipton Building Society was able to develop its digital platform and respond to market opportunities, creating closer customer intimacy to gain new ones and retain current ones. By giving them the tools they need, like Skipton, your company can make happier, more devoted customers. 

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