Liturgical Publications Finds Peace in the Chaos of its Data

TIBCO Cloud Integration LPI
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There’s critical importance to delivering timely up to date communications and content to engage for better or enhanced ROI. Liturgical Publications (LPi)’s mission is to equip its customers with communication and engagement solutions so they can focus on reaching new parishioners. However, it had challenges delivering on this mission due to outdated operational and business technologies that were unsupported with its systems and difficult to manage. 

LPi needed a timely solution to bring its data together from disparate sources. So, the company turned to TIBCO Cloud™ Integration and TIBCO® Flogo software. The solution bridges the gap between systems, creating a completely unified system where data flows across all channels seamlessly. 

As a result, LPi saves significant time when it comes to development, now taking just weeks as opposed to months to produce new products. Additionally, the solution eliminated the need for manual data entry by employees. Because of these productive results, LPi felt that the solution readily paid for itself through the amount of time it saved employees on a day-to-day basis and projected savings in the long term. 

The company saw a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Ease of connectivity. With TIBCO Cloud Integration software, LPi could simply choose connectors for business systems that it needed frequent access to, such as Salesforce. 
  • Automated data entry. LPi saved even more time by automating data entry, updating records, and correct data across its systems.
  • Faster ROI. With no advanced development or coding required, LPi could develop integrations in a short amount of time. 

So, as you can see, like LPi, it’s possible to find peace in your data by implementing a modern technology stack to enhance ROI for your company.

To learn more about how LPi found peace in its data integration system with TIBCO, see the full case study.