How to Pick the Right Data Virtualization Solution for You

How to Pick the Right Data Virtualization Solution for You TIBCO
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Innovative companies today expect easy access to both historical and real-time data. But organizations need the right infrastructures set up to meet these growing expectations for analytics on demand. Many large organizations, searching for a solution to empower this data-driven business culture, have turned to data virtualization (DV). DV allows users to access information in a federated data layer, creating a central place for technical and non-technical employees to get the answers they need without moving large amounts of data. 

From GigaOm Data Virtualization: A Spectrum of Appoaches (2019)

With the exponential growth in data, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing increased adoption and implementation of DV to handle that data. While the technology isn’t new, the market continues to evolve with capabilities to meet modern challenges. We’ve seen it for ourselves. Read this blog to see why TIBCO® Data Virtualization was such a hot topic at TIBCO NOW Chicago and will probably be just as much of a hit in London, September 25-26th

So, in today’s market, what is the best data virtualization solution for you?

There are many factors that should go into choosing the right DV solution to meet your business needs. All of which go into independent technology research and analysis firm GigaOm’s 2019 Data Virtualization landscape report. With this report, GigaOm can help give you a better understanding of the implications of data virtualization, its impacts on business, media, and society as a whole, as well as evaluate potential vendors. 

Here’s what you’ll find: TIBCO® Data Virtualization, mentioned throughout the report, offers sophisticated data management that provides a unified, comprehensive view of your data, necessary for discovering insights. 

We think it’s the best option for companies with evolving data needs and maturing architectures. But don’t take our word for it. Download the full 2019 “Data Virtualization: A Spectrum of Approaches” landscape report to explore current data virtualization products and technologies and see how TIBCO® Data Virtualization stacks up against the competition.