5 Reasons to Become a TIBCO Partner

TIBCO Partner Award Winners at TIBCO NOW Chicago 2019
TIBCO Partner Award Winners at TIBCO NOW Chicago 2019
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We know you want to bring value and opportunity to your customers, and drive more sales and revenue for your business. What better way of doing that than becoming a TIBCO partner to stand out from your competition? The TIBCO Partner Program has been designed with you in mind, tailored to meet your individual business objectives. Through the program, we are committed to providing you with all of the tools to market, sell, and deliver industry-leading TIBCO solutions to your customers. 

Here are five reasons why you should become a TIBCO partner if you aren’t already: 

1. The Market Opportunity

Through the TIBCO Partner Program, you have access to the hottest technologies that enable digital transformation to help organizations quickly innovate and execute, reduce risk, and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. TIBCO solutions drive innovation across industries such as government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, media, and retail.

2. The Technology

The TIBCO Connected Intelligence product portfolio gives your customers the opportunity to interconnect everything, unify their data, and augment intelligence. Understand how your clients are utilizing Connected Intelligence to find the right tools in order to fulfill their crucial needs. These tools include API management, data visualization, AI & ML, and much more.

3. The Industry Leadership

TIBCO is recognized as a leader by leading analyst firms such as Forrester, Gartner, and others, constantly ranking high on their evaluation systems for various product capabilities. That’s essential, but so is what customers say. We get high marks on the TrustRadius user review site, and our customer case studies tell the tale of fast, efficient, successful engagements that solve problems and drive innovation everywhere. 

4. The Partner Program

Through our program, we offer all the resources you need to be successful. This includes product certifications, deal registration, MDF, marketing programs, sales enablement, teaming agreements, training, and margins up to 35 percent. What’s more, is that we are always offering new courses on TIBCO Academy supporting our latest product releases, solution, and use cases that you can take to your customers.

5. The Partner Summits 

Get a front-row seat to the Partner Summits, which take place during our TIBCO NOW conferences. From a warm welcome by TIBCO executive leadership to the latest on the launch of the TIBCO Partner Program and the new TIBCO Academy, to regional partner awards, the Partner Summit is dedicated entirely to updating you and your team on insights, strategy, resources, and tools to support your success.

See what other partners say about the benefits of the TIBCO Partner Program. Check out these partner testimonials captured at TIBCO NOW Chicago talking about how the TIBCO Partner Program has enabled them to create business opportunities for their customers. 

Already a partner? Register for our Partner Summit at TIBCO NOW London to mingle with your peers and TIBCO executives on all things partner related. 

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