Team TIBCO–SVB is Better Together

Team TIBCO-SVB better together
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Here at TIBCO, we’re all about being better together. TIBCO knows that innovation does not happen in isolation—innovation is a team sport. When provided with the right tools, the right mindset, and the right teammates, the impact of innovation can change the game. Usually, when one thinks about teamwork, they consider traditional sports; football, basketball, etc. That’s not the only type of team, though. Teams come in all shapes and sizes: like an R&D team that together develops the latest innovation in digital technology, or a professional cycling team that works together, each on her own bicycle, to win titles around the world. 

It’s all about strategy 

When you think about cycling, you often think of a very individualistic sport. It is a race, after all, and every rider wants to be the fastest. In reality, though, that’s not the case at all. Just like innovation, cycling is very much a team sport. A professional cycling team is better together because they train together, they race together, and they support one another on and off the road. 

One common feature of all good teams is that they know how to strategize. The perfect example of a well-oiled team is Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank, the professional women’s cycling team comprised of 14 world-class athletes from 8 different countries, proudly sponsored by TIBCO. 

The team’s primary strategy revolves around how the team organizes itself around the strongest rider, because drafting behind a teammate makes it that much easier to pull out in front later when it is time to break away to the finish line. The willingness to support each other by riding together so some team members can conserve energy while staying with the pack is the epitome of teamwork. Team TIBCO–SVB knows the sacrifice it takes to give 100% effort, knowing that another rider will be there to take the lead and finish the job. The team’s goal is to have one woman on the top step of the podium at every race, and that’s only possible when the entire team contributes. 

Know when to change gears

Teammates are also there to make sure you’re not stuck spinning your wheels. They are the ones willing to let you know when something isn’t working and it is time to change up the strategy, for the benefit of the whole team. Team TIBCO–SVB likes to do their research before each race, analyzing a number of data points to ensure they arrive prepared. They look at things like the weather forecast, road elevation, and terrain, as well as their individual metrics, like cadence and heart rate, to decide when it’s time to change gears. Every single race is different, and taking into account each of these factors helps the team decide on the best plan of attack. 

If you want to go far, go together 

To paraphrase TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman, better collaboration is the key to making a team more effective. Working together to make smarter, faster decisions is vital, whether that be in the office or out on the road. There will always be hills to climb and challenges to face, but if you put in the same effort as each athlete on Team TIBCO–SVB, you are sure to bring home the win, together. 

Team TIBCO–SVB members will be in the Innovation Hub at TIBCO NOW London—stop by and say hello, or test your endurance on the TIBCO–SVB Bike Challenge!

Check out the schedule to see if Team TIBCO–SVB will be racing in your neck of the woods the remainder of the 2019 season, and follow them on social media as they compete on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.