EBPI Streamlines Customer Onboarding with TIBCO Integration

Headquartered in The Netherlands, the European Business Process Institute (EBPI) provides a number of technology solutions to its clients that create efficiencies by combining multiple services into one solution for customers in businesses, agencies, municipalities, and federal governments. Their mission is to find a way to create new, automated procedures to make a potential business opportunity of docking cargo ships a reality — all while complying with evolving EU data standards.

This challenge required a new, modern technology stack. EBPI turned to TIBCO. With TIBCO BusinessWorks™, TIBCO BusinessConnect™, TIBCO©️ Managed File Transfer, and TIBCO Messaging™, EBPI has an improved platform with new components and modern functionality.

With improved messaging technology, EBPI has been able to streamline its border and customs processes, supporting large messaging bursts of up to 30,000 messages per minute. Additionally, EBPI can now onboard customers quickly and safely while doing a fast analysis of onboarding issues to figure out what went wrong and why. With a new technology stack, EBPI was also able to improve customer relationships, providing 24/7 customer service, which resulted in a 25 percent growth in the number of customers.

With TIBCO, EBPI can look to the horizon with a new future-proof solution. Now, the company is able to support a greater velocity of messages and continue to onboard more customers.

How did TIBCO impact the efficiency of government services throughout Europe? Read the full case study to find out.