Orchestra Networks: A Holistic Data Asset Management Solution

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Today, we announced the acquisition of Orchestra Networks. Orchestra Networks is a recognized leader in Master Data Management (MDM) and data asset management solutions that offers an innovative, integrated approach to help organizations manage, govern, and consume all of their shared data assets in a coherent way. This enables organizations to gain a 360-degree view of the business across functions, trust the insights and decisions derived from data, and resolve inconsistencies that can lead to significant risk.

What makes EBX a unique solution for the TIBCO portfolio is its ability to provide a holistic data asset management solution to customers. Related data captured in multiple systems need to be reconciled, validated, and posted back to the original systems for accurate data that can be trusted. Orchestra Networks’ EBX pioneered an innovative, integrated approach to data asset management, most notably with shared data assets: master data, reference data, and metadata.

Now, organizations can create fully configurable, data-centric applications on the fly, such as self-service applications to manage data across departmental spreadsheets, that simplify change management and eliminate long and costly development projects. A few of the organizations who are using EBX include Paramount Pictures, Citi Bank, and Burger King.

So what will this mean for TIBCO? Orchestra Networks extends the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform with a single, integrated solution to manage, govern, and consume all shared data assets across the enterprise. When combined with TIBCO’s broader portfolio, Orchestra Networks will provide high-quality, trusted shared data assets for integration and analytics enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions.

The combination of EBX with TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions will create opportunities to better deliver compelling solutions that address major customer challenges including:

  • Analytics: Share accurate, up-to-date master data, reference data, hierarchies and dimensions across analyses to improve timeliness and quality of business insights.
  • Applications: Share consistent master and reference data across all applications to improve consistency and reliability of business processes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Capture and manage business glossary, critical data elements, policies, and other related data requirements to ensure better regulatory compliance.
  • Data Monetization: Monetize any data asset (data-in-motion, data-at-rest, master data, reference data and more) in a secured, controlled manner.
  • Operational Excellence (IoT): Manage, govern, and then share locations, devices, and physical assets across real-time IoT applications to digitize real-world operations.
  • Data Democracy: Manage, deliver and share data with everyone across the enterprise with consistency and control to empower users and unleash creativity.

With the addition of EBX to our portfolio, master data and data asset management needs can be quickly and easily addressed with a single solution to manage, govern, and consume all shared data assets.

Learn more about Orchestra Networks and its EBX solution, and how it will boost TIBCO’s existing data management solutions.