TIBCO Tech Talks: Build Smart Apps 4x faster with Low Code for Business Users

African American businessman sitting in his office and using computer.

Companies transitioning from digital transformation strategy to implementation must continuously adapt with innovation to operate at the cutting edge. Whether you need to grow, transform, or even just survive, innovation is the key to getting and staying ahead.

TIBCO Tech Talks are short, 20-minute webinars designed to show you how to make innovation more predictable and repeatable so you can deliver fresh, compelling customer experiences and optimize your company’s operations using the latest technology trends.

In this TIBCO Tech Talk, Jeremy Smith and Bruno Trimouille share how to help business users take on problems that cause issues in customer journeys and operational processes. They explain why low-code and integration are key enablers to build apps that modernize, simplify, and unify legacy systems, and give a demo on how to innovate and create business value at speed with quick connectivity and low-code app development. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Support business users as agents of change within your organization
    Business users are a driving force for improving customer engagement and operational efficiencies. They aspire to be empowered to quickly craft their own solutions to solve actual business problems using intuitive tools, sanctioned and centrally controlled by IT. Enable your business teams, in collaboration with IT, to drive your digital transformation and increase productivity via a low-code application development platform.
  • Think low-code to meet digital transformation challenges and alleviate application development pains
    In the digital economy, disruption is always there; you may not know when it’s going to come, but it’s coming. When disruption comes, the status quo in every sector and line of business is challenged. Therefore, apps in the digital economy need to be created to prepare for such disruption. Expectations from businesses are accelerating, which is crippling IT backlogs by not being able to keep up with demand, causing them to hit a productivity wall. Get ahead of digital expectations with speed, differentiation, and citizen developers. Develop new apps in minutes, while updating, extending, and unifying apps faster. Create apps that deliver exceptional customer service and user experiences. Lastly, empower anyone, anywhere, anytime to go from idea to app in no time, unleashing innovation across the organization.
  • Embrace low-code as enabler and catalyzer of digital transformation
    The need for speed and differentiation is driving interest in app development alternatives that empower business users. By enabling business users, you are increasing the speed at which your company can innovate. So now’s the time to empower your business users. Give them a low-code app development platform so they can develop custom-fit apps all by themselves.  

If you look at the big picture, low-code sits at the convergence of several driving forces: the need for apps, the need for differentiation, the need for speed, the emergence of business developers, and the need for a new app development approach.

  • Change the meaning of I.T. to Innovate Together
    It is not “us” vs. “them” With low code apps, businesses need to embrace the “innovate together” approach, which is a combination of shadow IT and IT facilitated. The key to keep in mind is that low code apps aren’t a way to replace IT, but rather work together with IT to facilitate a vision for the business. Together, this fuels digital transformation.
  • Think big, start small, scale fast
    Adopt low code to empower business users to drive digital transformation and innovation deep and wide into your organization. Test drive a low code application development and experience how fast, simple, and intuitive application development can be for any user.  Validate the out of the box user experience and ramp up time. Along the way, pay attention not only to data modeling, but also to process automation capabilities, reporting and analytics features, and ease of connectivity to existing systems, processes, and data sources.

True digital leadership requires a proven, enterprise-grade platform. One that helps you optimize operations, create compelling customer experiences and connect your digital products. And with that, only TIBCO can offer its customers digital sovereignty to help organizations excel on one single cloud-based platform.

To learn more about how you can empower business users to shift to high productivity with low code app development, register and watch the full 20-minute webinar.