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Using TIBCO Apps Together: Greater than the Sum of Their Parts

Learn how TIBCO Cloud™ Integration with Scribe and other TIBCO products are better together than standalone. We'll show you how to aggregate data and manage changes to make data import in TIBCO Spotfire® more efficient. See how TIBCO Mashery® can manage access to the TIBCO Cloud Integration API (which also helps your customers and partners manage their integrations), control versions of individual API endpoints, and more.

In this on-demand webinar of TIBCO Cloud Integration with Scribe, you’ll see:

  • Connected applications passing information to Spotfire® for visualization
  • How Mashery® can work with TIBCO Cloud Integration to build and manage APIs
  • Project Flogo® apps initiated using TIBCO Cloud Integration–Connect capabilities, including the Scribe REST web services connector, and much more
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