Recognizing Customer Tech Innovation with the 2018 Trailblazer Awards

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During day two of TIBCO NOW, we shift from what can be done with technology to what is being done with technology in the form of customers achieving amazing success with TIBCO solutions. The annual Trailblazer Awards showcase customers who are using TIBCO in innovative ways. Customers are a part of the DNA of this company and it’s always a pleasure to highlight their successes. This year, we are pleased to award Stack Sports, Aeroporti di Roma, Adidas, and a leading multinational courier delivery services company. Read on for more information.

Impact Award
We are proud to give this award to Stack Sports, who uses TIBCO to connect over 50 million users worldwide. Stack Sports encourages youth sports by providing a user-friendly solution for leagues, teams, and athlete management.

Having acquired 26 companies in 28 months, integration was integral to their success. As the company grew, it became difficult to maintain, connect and extend its current platform. Their solution? Stack Sports adopted the integration and messaging capabilities of TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud to enable the rapid creation of new services and to make it easier to access its many memberships, registration, and competition management applications.

With TIBCO, Stack Sports was able to drive outstanding levels of operational excellence, increased competitiveness, and create more personalized and engaging customer experiences for its millions of users.

Transformer Award
And, the Transformer Award goes to Aeroporti di Roma. Ranked number one among the top 20 European airports, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport, run by Aeroporti di Roma, is known for its level of service to airlines and 41 million passengers. But it wasn’t always that way. They enacted a plan that would improve the quality of services to their passengers by improving their infrastructure and digital innovation.

Aeroporti di Roma collaborated with TIBCO to start their digital transformation. With the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform, Aeroporti di Roma is now able to integrate and correlate all airport information to better understand customer behaviors and manage operational situations.

This insight enables them to provide the best customer experience to their passengers and stay ahead of the competition. In fact, their significant digital transformation has caught the airline industry’s eye. Skytrax, the awarded Aeroporti di Roma the “World’s Most Improved Airport 2018”, and CIO Emiliano Sorrenti was named a 2018 European CIO of the Year for building a fully functional, connected airport with real-time, operations that respond to passengers.

Visionary Award
We chose Adidas for this award because their use of TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence solutions helped redefine their business models during major technology disruption. The company was working on getting closer to the consumer across multiple digital channels, so it needed a solution to support e-commerce in addition to mass personalized engagement and manufacturing.

By implementing APIs with TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery, Adidas was able to create a scalable environment that was capable of reacting quickly to meet business demands. Adidas is now able to deliver market-leading products and services, and an exceptional global customer experience.

Pioneer Award
We are happy to give this award to a leading, multinational courier delivery services company that has leveraged the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform to aggregate shipment information from around the company and around the world, resulting in millions of dollars in savings. With TIBCO, they have improved visibility into real-time shipment information and are able to generate dashboards in a matter of seconds.

This global delivery service can now make data-driven decisions, yielding better asset allocation and improved agility.

We are so proud of all our customers and partners. For more about how our customers digitally transform with TIBCO, check out our customers page.