This Year’s TIBCO NOW Answers One Simple Question: How Do you Lead with Innovation?

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We wanted to share with you how excited we are about our upcoming global event: TIBCO NOW 2018. Our theme this year is “Innovation at the Edge.” Innovation today is not an option. Digital leaders are continually innovating with new business models, customer experiences, and operations.

And with the rise of automated and distributed technologies like IOT, blockchain and AI, more and more innovation will be happening at the “edge” where devices are implanted with sensors and even machine learning models that actually execute rules on the spot based on the data they are receiving at that very moment.

We called the conference“Innovation at the Edge”  because we want to emphasize that you need to innovate to lead and know that today’s truly innovative leaders operate from the edge and embrace it. Eventually, the edge will begin to transform what is happening at the core. Not the other way around.

Hence, TIBCO NOW will inspire you to start leading from the edge.

The edge is where your product meets the customer

The edge is where your product meets the customer environment. That’s a very powerful, new concept. The edge offers you incredible opportunities like making better predictions on the spot, making needed corrections, and over time (through machine learning), learning what is optimal.

At TIBCO NOW, we’ll show you how to build an innovative organization that turns promising ideas into business value using these powerful new technologies. We’ll show you how to scale innovation to make an impact on your business, your ecosystem, and the world.

Our keynote speakers will inspire you and share their perspectives and experiences on how they make innovation work in their companies. Our breakout sessions will show you patterns and use cases to drive innovation in your context. Our education sessions will allow you to learn and be certified on the technologies to bring your innovative product and services to life. And, of course, you’ll be with more than 2,000 peers and partners providing many opportunities to network and have fun!

Calling all innovators: Join us for TIBCO NOW, September 4th to 6th at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. Your innovation starts now!

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