Transform Your Business with Low Code, APIs, and Microservices (Even if You’re Not a Developer)

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APIs and microservices power today’s digital stack. You want to be able to tap these APIs to compose new applications to better engage with customers or improve operational excellence. But, if you’re not a developer, how can you take advantage of all these new technologies to help your company digitally transform?

Business developers (or as they are also called “citizen developers”) need a new application development approach. These new developers are problem solvers who have the drive and determination to create apps even though they lack traditional coding skills. They are also closer to the customers than traditional developers are so they are more in touch with customer or department needs and wants. So, what can they do?

Low-code platforms put digital transformation into the hands of more employees, not just IT

They can turn to low-code application development like TIBCO Cloud ™ Live Apps. TIBCO® Live Apps is an intuitive and easy to use low-code platform that empowers business developers to rapidly build and deliver smart business apps. It is a platform that speeds up innovation while still allowing any user to create custom-fit applications.

This low-code platform is not about wiping out everything we’ve done with agile. It’s about adding to what IT has built so far and extending application development to the people on the business side.

Capture business opportunities 10x faster with TIBCO® Live Apps

TIBCO® Live Apps enables business users to capture business opportunities up to 10 times faster. They do this by building smart apps that enable employees to quickly answer business needs. Building a smart app the TIBCO way means creating something that is purposeful, connected, nimble, data-driven, and enterprise-ready — a combination no other vendor can deliver.

With TIBCO® Live Apps, you can also extend and enhance existing legacy systems to fulfill new business needs. A great example comes from one of our insurance customers. They had a monolithic claims system and they wanted to adapt it for repricing and re-quoting car repairs. By building a smart app using TIBCO® Live Apps, the insurance customer extended the capabilities of their legacy system for these new use cases.

TIBCO® Live Apps can also help connect and unify existing apps. For instance, TIBCO Marketing has about 35 applications and we use TIBCO® Live Apps to speed up campaign approvals and management. We now have a one-stop shop campaign approval system to ensure smooth collaborating and connecting back and forth between the data and the approvals across a myriad of systems.

We encourage IT to embrace low-code

We highly encourage IT to embrace low-code. It’s a way for them to extend their reach and also put an end to shadow IT. Live Apps has built-in governance that is very flexible, so your low-code approach is IT-facilitated.  Some companies may want to give a lot of leeway to business developers and others may want more control in IT.

Digital transformation is not done just in IT and not done just in the business — it really is a culmination of the two parts that make up any successful company. Really, business users and IT must work together to make it happen.

TIBCO® Live Apps is the way to get the most out of your existing systems and empower more users in your company to help with digital transformation. For more in-depth insights and a live demo, please watch the webinar: Transform your company with low-code, APIs, and microservices today!