How to Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

6 Lessons Learned from Digital Leaders

Did you know that it’s estimated that almost half (45%) of companies are in the very early stages of digital transformation or becoming a digital business? As IDC describes it, “digital transformation is the use of 3rd platform technologies to create value and competitive advantage through new offerings, new business models, and new relationships.” (IDC, State of Digital Business Transformation, 2018)

Organizations say the biggest obstacles in achieving success with digital business initiatives include lack of sufficient budget (39%), lack of staff and/or correct skill sets (36%), the need to replace legacy systems (34%), and cultural issues (33%). (IDC, State of Digital Business Transformation, 2018)

But, organizations that achieve digital transformation experience lots of upsides including growing revenues, operational excellence, and a greater return on shareholder value. They’ve learned to put customers first and to blur the lines between their digital and physical business.

So, if you’re one of the 45% of companies that has just begun the journey to digital transformation, what lessons can you learn from successful digital innovators?

In our new guide, you’ll learn the secrets of digital innovators such as T-Mobile, Accor Hotels, and Citibank Asia and how they’ve leveraged the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform to truly transform their businesses.

Download the guide today, “6 Lessons Learned from Digital Leaders” and the infographic “Can’t Get Your Digital Transformation Off the Ground?” and learn from some of the most successful digital transformation use cases out there today.