TIBCO Reduces the Friction on Accessing Key Integration Technology

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To help you start integrating right away, regardless of your coding level, TIBCO is now offering its flagship Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, through AWS marketplace SaaS contracts: TIBCO Cloud Integration on AWS.

We all know that integration use cases within enterprises are increasing by the day and with it, a need for a reduction in the friction on accessing easy to use integration technologies. Accessing integration technology is one of the key prohibitors of integration solutions getting into the hands of those who need it.

A major barrier to accessing integration technology is often in the procurement process. This processes can typically entail finding the right vendor, going through the enterprise procurement procedure, legal, and more. With TIBCO Cloud Integration now on AWS Marketplace, that means you can simply log into your AWS account right now and start integrating your apps, services, and even devices instantly, regardless of your environment or technical experience. It is frictionless access to integration technology right from within your AWS environment.

TIBCO Cloud Integration is an iPaaS, which allows you to easily and quickly connect applications in the cloud, on-premises or edge devices with no coding required. In other words, TIBCO Cloud Integration keeps every part of your business connected. And, even if you’re not in IT, you can use it. This means no jumping through hoops to start integrating all of your applications, services, and even devices.

TIBCO’s iPaaS available via AWS Marketplace

TIBCO now offers its iPaaS services via AWS Marketplace using SaaS contracts, making it easier than ever before for users to get access to integration. “We’re really excited that TIBCO Cloud Integration is now available on AWS Marketplace.” said Rahul Kamdar, Director of Product Management and Strategy at TIBCO. “We’ve been working towards making integration available for all and this step brings it even closer to most cloud users. We’re excited to be the first to offer this simplified consumption experience. While we’ve made great strides in terms of the technology we offer, we also want to ensure that we can make it accessible to every user persona. In that sense, it is a big step forward for integration and we at TIBCO are proud to make it widely available for everyone.

Why is this important and what are the benefits?

A major benefit is that AWS marketplace lets you manage all your subscriptions in one place. With TIBCO Cloud Integration now available on AWS Marketplace, you can procure the iPaaS through a simplified buying process and simply add it to your current AWS billing. With TIBCO Cloud Integration, you now get the benefit of having unified billing all from AWS, simplifying your subscription management.

This development from TIBCO greatly simplifies the way our customers can start integrating and we’re extremely excited to announce it. For more information, look for the announcement and further discussion at the upcoming  AWS London summit.