Why Low-Code Development Platforms are a Good Fit for Hospitality

For many hotel providers, finding new and exciting ways to engage and delight customers can be difficult. This can be due to a number of things including a small IT department, lack of development skills within the business department, limited funds, limited time, and the difficulty associated with testing. While they want to cut operational cost and improve customer experience through automation improvements and device communication capabilities, it’s as though their hands are tied. They need to compete with other hotels with more IT capabilities but require an easier, simpler, cheaper, and faster way to execute improvements.

Enter TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, a low-code development platform with no barrier to entry. This platform provides the ability for business users to create applications and integrate with existing systems without coding. The low-cost solution runs, builds, and deploys applications on the cloud — the ideal situation for a hotel ready to embrace the future of smart hotels, devices, etc.

Low code development

This means decreasing the amount of reception desk work without sacrificing customer experience is a reality. Not only does this cut operational costs, it allows hotels to better communicate with their guests in more intuitive and innovative ways.

Low Code Hospitality

By empowering business users — those most familiar with business problems — to turn their ideas into fully functional business applications, internal collaboration is much more effective. Less time is wasted so there can be more resources dedicated to resolving customer requests in real time.

TIBCO Cloud Live Apps

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