It’s Lights Out and Away We Go on Another Formula One™ Season

With the 2018 Formula One™ season about to be underway, we are thrilled to announce the renewal of our global partnership with four-time world champions Mercedes-AMG Petronas. During last year’s season, Mercedes won 12 of the 20 races, more than any other F1 team. Additionally, the team took home their fourth consecutive Constructors’ Championship and Lewis Hamilton took home his fourth Drivers’ Championship.

In the upcoming season, TIBCO technology will be used to improve communication between the team before and during races as well as, being used to collect and analyze data from their newly launched car for the 2018 season, the W09 EQ Power+.

In F1, cars can reach top speeds of 225 mph (360 kpm) and have over 300 sensors that collect 50,000 unique data components, amounting to 3.5 GB of data computed over the course of a race weekend. With the vast amount of data, it is crucial to understand and properly use it to enhance the team’s performance. TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform allows the team to augment data to rapidly identify and act on opportunities as they occur on race day.

With TIBCO, the team is able to make quick, data-driven decisions that give them the best chance on race day. TIBCO’s Systems of Insight is a Connected Intelligence platform — a set of data visualization and analytics tools that enable Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to anticipate the effects of each decision made. This includes how much time a driver will lose slowing down around a turn or at what point to accelerate compared to other drivers.

Already visible on the helmets of the drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, the TIBCO logo will now also be featured on the left sleeve of the team’s uniform.

We are looking forward to supporting Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport on another successful season. It’s lights out and away we go!

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