NASA Launches Integration to Land on Productivity Gains

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For NASA Principal Software Engineer James Matheson, when it comes to making sure NASA engineers and rocket scientists are sharing and working from consistent data, the benefit is clear.

“We don’t want things to fail; it’s expensive,” said Matheson. “The better our data, the more accessible, the more value it has, the more assurance that there’s another level of security for feeling very comfortable about signing off and sending a project on its way.”

Thanks to TIBCO BusinessWorks, NASA is well on its integration journey. But that wasn’t always the case.

“About 12 years ago, we used Excel spreadsheets, versions of Word docs, PDFs. There was a lot of duplicated effort and duplicated data, and an inability to trust data because of a lack of version control,” says Matheson. “We had to do something to update source systems in real time, make accurate data accessible, and generate reports on-demand instead of using data that was a week old. Across the agency, space centers had various software applications, with no way to communicate, no way to share data.”

Learn more about NASA’s achievements using integration, how it improved workforce productivity, changed the culture, delivered greater accuracy, and increased confidence in sending projects on their way up and out.