An Ode to Integration

Roses are red, violets are blue;

we have quite a few pervasive integration solutions, so let us walk you through.


We’re smitten with cloud for all the things it can do,

like connecting applications and collecting data, just to name two.


APIs wooed us over for their ability to repurpose existing data

into something used to power digital transformation in this era.


You’re going to want to say “Be Mine”

to a new solution that is just divine.


Create smart apps on your own without the help of IT

to solve business problems and delight your customers with glee.


As you can see, to power these three,

connected Intelligence is the key.


So on this Valentine’s Day, let Cupid’s bow strike

on an integration solution that you like.


Tune in to this webinar and you’ll see

why integration and cloud are meant to be.


If that’s not enough, don’t fret,

contact us and you’ll be all set.



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