TIBCO Helps Companies Accelerate Their Move to the Cloud

Did you know that many of TIBCO’s leading software products can run on cloud platforms? Our engineers have been working hard to ensure that all of our products are certified to run on the cloud. New features and functionality have been added to cloud-supported products like TIBCO Mashery®, TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, TIBCO Spotfire®, TIBCO StreamBase®, and TIBCO BusinessWorks™. To see a complete list of products and their cloud functionalities, please visit our Cloud Certification page.

This announcement is part of TIBCO’s continuing commitment to help our customers digitally transform by guiding them to more cloud-based infrastructures.

“Whether our clients are interested in public, private, or hybrid cloud scenarios, we equip them with advanced, intelligent technologies to become more productive, profitable, and innovative as quickly and easily as possible.” —Matt Quinn, EVP, Products & Technology, and CTO

With TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Cloud and TIBCO Cloud Path™ deployment methodology, we are working closely with old and new customers to seamlessly and easily transition their legacy systems to the cloud.

And, that doesn’t mean getting rid of their original set-ups. It means we work with them to determine the fastest, easiest, and least expensive avenue to the cloud. We look at all of their applications and systems and we work with them to determine which course of action will meet all three of the above criteria by either: re-hosting, re-factoring, or re-architecting their on-premises applications.

TIBCO is also partnering with leading cloud providers to run solutions on scalable, pay-as-you-go infrastructure and provides both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings that seamlessly scale to meet demand without requiring infrastructure investment.

TIBCO Cloud solutions allow you to connect virtually any device anywhere so you can capture information and deliver intelligent insights to the people or systems that need it so they can automatically sense and respond to business events in real-time. We have helped many customers on their journey to the cloud. How can we help you?