Brivo Secures Success with API Management

Brivo’s solutions are valued by businesses who want to secure their facilities and manage their physical security with the convenience of cloud technologies and the power of mobile-first solutions.

“Most on-premises access control solutions need a dedicated computer on a dedicated network and a dedicated location,” says Product Manager Joe Cunetta. “Our platform can be accessed from any web browser. If you’re on a plane with Wi-Fi access and find out your employee forgot the keys to the coffee shop, you can unlock the door. We also have a mobile credential, so you can unlock a door with your phone and view live surveillance video.

“Our goals were to reduce the time and effort to integrate with our product and foster growth by making developer onboarding easier, so they can provision an API key and start using it as soon as possible.”

Read the story to find out how Brivo achieved its “integration dream,” how new markets are attracted to the flexibility its open API, and how it’s using TIBCO Mashery to create packages for different traffic levels and manage its business, which is now “in hyperdrive.”

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