Introducing TIBCO Nimbus 10.1!

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We at TIBCO are pleased to announce the release of TIBCO Nimbus™ 10.1. Continuing from the success of the TIBCO Nimbus™ 10 release last year, 10.1 builds on the principles of an improved browser-based experience for all users of the application.

New capabilities and benefits

Manage compliance and internal frameworks in the browser

Statement sets are used to capture industry standards, compliance frameworks, or internal control and risk registers that can all be defined in a hierarchical list. Combined with data tables, the metadata and information behind each of these statements or clauses can be extended and tailored to provide a central repository of all compliance information. These can be attached and linked through to processes in order to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

— Create new statement sets in the browser
— Edit existing statement sets in the browser
— Define roles and responsibilities for statement sets in the browser
— Extend the statement sets using additional fields defined as data tables
— Create and manage individual statements, clauses, or references within the statement sets
— Define access rights and controls for statement sets

Navigation of process hierarchies

The diagram explorer is used for displaying and navigating the process hierarchy. This has been rolled out to the modern mode of process diagrams and the changes have been replicated over the full screen view of process diagrams.

Managed structured forms and tables in the browser

Where structured data capture forms or fields are required to be attached to process activities, data tables provide a way of defining a template of fields where records can be added to processes. This capability has been revamped for the browser interface to provide a way of managing these tables in a much better user experience.

— Create new data tables in the browser
— Edit existing data tables in the browser
— Define and select field types to be added to data tables in the browser
— Manage and control the access rights for each data table instance

TIBCO Nimbus 10.1 ensures that more users can utilize the browser to capture, analyze, and improve their processes using the redesigned user interface that was introduced in Nimbus 10. This allows process and operational compliance to be managed in a way in which business users can understand.

Learn more about TIBCO Nimbus, request a Nimbus product demo, and download the Release Notes for more details.