Make Your Business Processes Easy to Understand

Quality process diagrams simplify communication and improve how your business runs.

We’ve made it so—without any special technical notation, application development, or other IT staff involvement—you can document and diagram full end-to-end processes that support every member of your organization. That means you can design, and expect to truly deliver, finely tuned services to delight customers and strongly compete.

  • See how TIBCO Nimbus™ can make your business processes easy to understand.


Guarantee seamless processes

Automated activities are only part of your operations. You need to ensure accuracy and efficiency for what you do manually or in-person, as well. We’ve designed TIBCO Nimbus for the entire end-to- end process, including handoffs between manual and automated activities—and from the business user’s perspective so that intent and action is absolutely clear.

Guarantee seamless processes

Find and fix inefficiencies

With a single end-to- end view of your process, you can identify and eliminate non-value adding activities, view the full business impact of proposed changes, perform cost-based analysis, and calculate a clear return on investment for process improvement and automation projects. Activity based costing lets you try out what-if scenarios to find the best fit.

Get everyone participating

Your agility can improve because you can quickly provide the information necessary to determine the impact of a change, allowing entire groups to submit feedback and suggest enhancements. This way of operating can also reduce your time to market and advance SLAs for new products, services, policies, and operating procedures.

Reduce the cost of compliance

Our governed and auditable integration with regulatory frameworks has helped thousands of companies improve compliance while reducing the cost of maintaining and substantiating it.

Reduce the cost of compliance

Operate like a well-oiled machine

You can empower employees to find the information they need to complete work, train new employees, review how to perform uncommon tasks or exceptions, communicate changes, and learn about new products or services with your unique enterprise How-to Guide.