There and Back Again: Embedded Data Analytics

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IDS has been providing operational reporting solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry for more than twenty years. In that time, we have helped more than 120 companies across the globe to capture, analyze, and report on their operational data. We have reported on more than 150,000 operations on nearly 500 rigs.

Our solutions are completely web-based and fully customized to meet the unique requirements of each company’s operating environment. Providing a wide scope of capabilities including daily drilling, completions, geology reporting, cost analysis, rig monitoring and operational planning, we create value by allowing companies to understand their key performance indicators in order to make better decisions.

Seven years ago, we embarked upon the challenging journey into data visualization and analytics. We set up a small agile team with the task of building dashboards, bespoke reports, and the ability to interact with data stored on our servers. This project was designed on our previous technology stack, which rendered our visualizations in flash. Shortly after Steve Jobs entitled his open letter “Thoughts on Flash”, it was time for us to shift technology…

After a lengthy investigation into embeddable reporting, visualization, and data interrogation technologies, we selected TIBCO Jaspersoft. Harnessing the multi-tenancy and embeddability of Jaspersoft, we could very quickly deliver pixel-perfect reports and dashboards to our end users. Additionally, by using JasperReports, we reduced the report generation time from an average of 83 seconds in our legacy system to 8 seconds. We are now in the process of recreating more than 1,000 reports in Jaspersoft Studio, thus not only providing our clients with faster information, but also with reports that look aesthetically pleasing. To date, we have discovered that it takes a similar amount of time to create reports and dashboards (in comparison to our legacy system), however we are continually optimizing this process and the team is learning new things every day.

Furthering the use of Jaspersoft Studio, we have created many Custom Visualisation Components (CVC) that are commonly used within oil and gas. Wellbore schematics, safety pyramids, histograms, and parallel coordinates have been developed by our team and released through JasperReports Server whereby our customers can run our custom-built visualizations on their data.

Over the past three years, the oil and gas industry has seen the biggest downturn to date with more than 440,000 jobs lost worldwide at the end of 2016. As the industry begins to adapt to the ‘lower for longer’ mentality, many oil companies are looking at digital technology for answers. With less people to perform day-to-day tasks, operators are looking to automate manual work by using technology efficiently (typically moving from MS Excel to Web-Delivered Data management). To that end, Jaspersoft applications have become invaluable in our capability suite, allowing us agility in content creation, data manipulation, and speed of deployment.

The customer need for digitization coupled with our capabilities in reporting, data modelling, analytics, visualization, and data science creates a substantial platform for future growth and development.

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