TIBCO Named Leader in Digital Business Platforms for 2017

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The race to the digital workplace is on, and TIBCO is at the forefront.

In Aragon Research’s first-ever market evaluation report, The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Digital Business Platforms, 2017: Accelerating Digital Benefits, TIBCO is named a leader in digital business platforms (DBP) based on high performance and strategy.

DBPs manage digital processes, applications, and transactions in a mostly electronic manner by leveraging the latest emerging technologies. Their dynamic, goal-driven processes and application components make use of emerging patterns in business while dynamically adjusting goals as they complete work. They aim to please customers as their needs change, with resources that can be dynamically adapted and optimized.

The three main reasons to shift to DBPs are 1) business automation, 2) faster time to revenue, and 3) overall cost reduction. DBPs use cloud-based software and services to manage a wide range of business processes involving people, documents, data, and transactions. The goal is to increase the speed of business, adding strategic value to an organization.

C-level executives are looking to drive change by implementing DBPs to create new products, services, or business models, accelerate revenue, drive efficiencies, improve profitability, enhance customer experience, ensure compliancy, and link ecosystems for revenue or operational improvements.

TIBCO was named a leader in digital business platforms for its comprehensive strategies and products/services that align with industry direction and market demand while effectively performing against a strategic focus. As stated in the report, “with it’s strong analytic assets applied to applications and processes, TIBCO is looking to move organizations to a path to digital that leverages speedy adaptability and intelligence driven by poly-analytics.”*

Aragon Research also highlighted TIBCO’s ability to have different layers of analytics interconnected with one another. TIBCO’s component approach to development, which leverages data, APIs, and process fragments, is helping to automate the enterprise.

The report notes the following strengths of TIBCO as a digital business platform:

  • Worldwide presence
  • Great vision for smart digital business
  • Significant experience in real-time speed
  • Significant software portfolio
  • Already present in many organizations

Download Aragon Research’s full report to learn more about DBPs and why TIBCO was named a leader.

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