Reducing Time-to-Insight with Automated Written Narratives by Wordsmith

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In January, TIBCO and Automated Insights announced a partnership to bring automated narrative explanations to TIBCO Spotfire dashboards. The integration of Automated Insights’ natural language generation platform, Wordsmith, with TIBCO’s Spotfire data visualization and analytics software, enables customers to make faster, more cohesive conclusions and decisions for their companies.

With the integration of Spotfire and Wordsmith, narratives that summarize and explain dashboards can be automated, reducing the time between the creation of data visualizations and actionable insight. The unique methods of data aggregation and dissection provided by TIBCO’s Spotfire platform enables users to quickly turn those findings into appealing, effective visualizations. By connecting Wordsmith, Spotfire users can enhance dashboards with written narratives that ensure every person in the organization gathers the same understanding from these visualizations.

By complementing Spotfire’s visualizations with written text, important metrics are made clear and highlighted based on the needs of each department, or even individual teams within departments. The narratives display directly in the Spotfire dashboard, and are customizable to the company’s internal lexicon. If the user drills down to specific metrics or filters in the dashboard, the narrative will change dynamically to summarize the highlighted portions of the visualization.

Why is this important? It eliminates naturally occurring discrepancies within the interpretation of a visualization between individuals within a company and provides uniformity in the understanding of the company’s key metrics. It also increases the time data analysts have for higher value projects because they no longer have to write individual explanations for every visualization, department, or each unique combination of data filters in the dashboard.

Additionally, the integration of the two platforms incorporates a virtual data analyst into every Spotfire dashboard, leading to faster and smarter decision-making processes that don’t waste internal resources. Connecting the two platforms creates increased efficiency of analytics teams, reducing the time between dashboard creation and interpretation through manual reporting.  It also reduces the time between data aggregation in Spotfire visualizations and action taken by executive members after deriving meaning from these dashboards. No matter the data analytics and interpretive expertise of the user, the text will adapt to the viewers selected filters and adjust the narrative to extract the desired insights.

As a result, your best analysts will have more time to tackle high value projects that was previously spent writing internal reporting documents for every scenario and reader.

Now, TIBCO Spotfire users can use their best data analyst’s expertise in their dashboards to ensure cohesive understanding of key metrics across the company. This integration of TIBCO’s Spotfire platform with Automated Insights’ Wordsmith enhances visualization dashboards with written summaries of key metrics, improving the business intelligence industry’s efficiency and effectiveness in acting upon important insights.

Learn more (and test out a free trial or schedule a demo!) about both pieces of this exciting partnership—TIBCO Spotfire and Automated Insights’ Wordsmith.