ISO: Business Intelligence Nirvana

young business people sitting in yoga pose with laptops isolated on white background

Solve real business problems—not technical data challenges—with TIBCO Spotfire. It’s time to do more with your data, in less time, with less hassle, but with more people. That might sound counterintuitive, but hear me out.People do business differently these days, and the complexity involved requires cross-pollination among more people in more departments and divisions than ever before. Diverse groups do different things with the massive amounts of data available, but often share the same data to track business operations and results to uncover valuable new insights buried in that data.

Chances are, most of the people using your business data are not data scientists. In fact, Gartner predicted that by 2017 the number of so-called “citizen data scientists” (business users) will grow five times faster than the number of highly skilled data scientists.

So, why provide your citizen data scientists with tools created primarily for data scientists? With the amount of valuable business data available to both small and large businesses, doesn’t it make more sense to make your data easily available—and usable—to all of your users?

To make things easier, we’ve prepared an eGuide for you. And, we’ve broken it down into manageable practices, making it simple for you to see how easily and quickly you can do more with TIBCO Spotfire—solve some of your more difficult data dilemmas—and help move you forward on your journey toward enlightened analytics.


Take the science out of preparing and analyzing data

TIBCO Spotfire lets your citizen data scientists load, clean, and use your data quickly and easily, avoiding wasted time and energy. It also decreases the frustration involved in the process by easily connecting and preparing data and machine learning techniques to automatically identify the best metric or visualization for particular data sets. Its self-service experience at the front-end enables non-specialists to use data analytics to ask and answer questions, with little or no specialist support.

Avoid analysis paralysis

Using charts and graphs to “illustrate” a point can be fun and provide you with serious insight into your business. On the other hand, it can be a waste of time and energy. Our new TIBCO Spotfire eGuide can help reduce wasted effort by guiding you toward responsible data visualization.


Take out the garbage

There’s a rule of thumb that never changes: dirty data yields dirty, and often inaccurate, results. Any decent data tool you use should be able to handle a lot of the preparation and cleaning process for you. Data wrangling—rounding up the useful information and discarding the superfluous—speeds time to true insight.

Show, don’t tell

Making sure people understand what you’re trying to say is important. Good dashboard design is a great place to start, and you’ll find examples of a few good data dashboards (even some that are interactive) in the eGuide.


Divine the future

The best analytics tools allow users of all levels to join together data from multiple sources, helping them spot and leverage trends and predict future events and opportunities.

Create harmony

Multiple users recreating the same visualizations and dashboards waste time. Multiple versions of the same information floating around create confusion. By providing a single, collaborative tool everyone from data scientists to business users can master, your data can flow freely (but safely) across the enterprise.

Expand your consciousness—and your business

Having all the answers isn’t possible, but asking questions is. By choosing an analytics solution that adapts and grows as you expand your capabilities and business, you’ll get a wider view of both your past and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

To learn more about how you can find BI nirvana, check out the new TIBCO Spotfire interactive eGuide, along with videos, a customer webinar, and new case studies for the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL franchise and Vestas, a wind turbine manufacturer. Find more information on TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform and test out a free trial.