Fox Networks Group Efficiently Monetizes Content

In 2014, Fox Networks Group was formed from combining the 21st Century Fox broadcasting company and studio groups into one business. The group, including Fox Sports and Fox Entertainment, reflects the broader changes sweeping the television landscape as digital programming outlets proliferate.

Market dynamics have changed, with more and more people ignoring distribution channels and looking at other content sources. Fox’s biggest challenge was figuring out where viewers were looking so it could present and monetize its content there. The only way to do that is to use business intelligence tools and analyze large amounts of data. However, first it needed to break down data silos and combine its diverse array of legacy applications and different types of data repositories with third-party information.

Company leaders wanted to make sure they picked best-of-breed tools that fit the unique circumstances for each layer of the platform. They selected TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks integration platform and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service messaging middleware.

“What helped us build trust was the TIBCO people,” says Ben Hope, CIO. “They dive in and try to understand our business and our challenges, but they’ve also helped us with one particular goal: to be self-sufficient. We didn’t want to have to rely on a vendor to support and drive the environment. TIBCO has allowed us to bring a lot of expertise in house, and we’re in the process of standing up a TIBCO Center or Excellence. That, to me, built more trust than a lot of my other vendors, the ability to hand the keys over to us after we had implemented.”

Read more about how Fox met its goals here.

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