TIBCO Simplr and the Automated Feedback Manager

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

As a product manager or marketer, collecting feedback from customers is a top priority. Since feedback can range from product ideas and praise to customer support and bugs, there are many stakeholders that need this information fast, but only want to see what pertains to them.

Some customer support systems route feedback to the right place, but once it’s routed, it usually has to get into another app before it finds its final resolution. Maybe customer support needs are entered as tickets in Zendesk, but bugs need to go to JIRA. Product ideas may need to go to AHA, and use cases to Smartsheet. Praise may be best sent via email or Slack to the product or product marketing manager.

What if you could automate this entire process? TIBCO Simplr lets you create forms that gather customer feedback from your website, email, or other platforms. It then links your form in a drag and drop interface with connectors for Gmail, JIRA, AHA, Smartsheet, Slack or other apps you and your colleagues use. Filters control what data goes to each app.

When you save your flow, the form listens for new submissions. When customers fill out the form, the flow takes over, filtering the information based on the type of feedback, and sending the data to the right person or app.

And storing all your feedback is easy—whether it’s in Google Sheets or Smartsheet, or a database. Just add another piece to your flow for each email to populate a spreadsheet. You can even set up that spreadsheet or worksheet from within Simplr.

No matter what size your business is or how much feedback you receive, TIBCO Simplr lets you set up forms and flows in minutes that get your information where it needs to be. If your process or stakeholders change, just edit your flow.

Did I mention that you can create unlimited projects with the Beta version of TIBCO Simplr—right now?! Check out this video for details on how to set up your own automated feedback manager. Let us know how we can help! Free templates and more are available here. Sign up today!