Swisscom Integrates to Compete and Transform

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Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, supplying corporate and residential mobile and fixed-line telephony, Internet, and digital TV. It is also one of the largest IT service providers in Switzerland, and builds and maintains infrastructure for mobile and fixed-line telephony, and transmits broadcasting signals. In Italy, its subsidiary, Fastweb, is one of that country’s largest broadband providers.

Competition and market dynamics are extremely challenging in Switzerland, with both telco operators and network aggregators competing. In addition, Swisscom is in the midst of organizational restructuring, an IT platform merge and consolidation, and digital business transformation.

“Consolidating gives you the chance to improve—but the challenge is not only integrating technologies and IT platforms, it is also about integrating people from different divisions who need to create solutions for the whole company,” says EAI Development Head Luciano Aprile. “Integration started to be a very fundamental aspect of collaboration. If we could not integrate or transform our processes, it would have meant slower product creation and time to market, increased costs, and reduced revenues.”

Learn about Swisscom’s digital business transformation and the resulting benefits, including improved profitability and time to market.

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