University of Chicago Medicine Wins a TIBCO Trailblazer Visionary Award

TIBCO Trailblazer Awards recognize individuals and companies who are accomplishing substantial business results using TIBCO technology, demonstrating ingenuity and thought leadership in meeting the demands of the digital consumer. At TIBCO NOW 2016, University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) received the 2016 TIBCO Trailblazer Visionary Award. This award honors an inspirational company that has redefined its business in the wake of major technology disruption to deliver market-leading services and an exceptional customer experience.

For UCM, effective management of its operating facilities was key for balancing the needs of patients and their families, ensuring insurance provider satisfaction, and reducing labor costs. Using TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO BusinessEvents, TIBCO Spotfire, and TIBCO HAWK to refine operating room management processes, UCM saw an immediate improvement in patient care and operating margins. Operating room turnover time decreased 15–20%, saving an estimated $600,000 annually in operational costs.

Accepting the award, presented by TIBCO CEO Murray Rode, UCM Chief Enterprise Architect Christine Watts said, “Some of our technology objectives are related to enabling the providers to get access to data more broadly.” She added that helping providers more effectively measure the care they’re delivering to patients was key. Since implementing TIBCO’s core integration, event processing, and analytics technology, UCM has significantly improved its ability to deliver real-time information to the people who need it most—healthcare providers. One such achievement is helping providers save lives.

“One example is our eCART solution, in which a research algorithm that can predict when cardiac arrest is likely to happen has been implemented within the complex event processing space. In real time, we are able to alert our rapid response team to go to the bedside of a patient that is likely to go into cardiac arrest, and we’ve successfully reduced the number of cardiac arrests in the hospital by 15 to 20% so far.”

As a TIBCO Trailblazer Award winner, UCM will become a featured TIBCO reference customer with a new video testimonial and case study, both featuring Christine Watts, set to be published in 2017. Watch the UCM video vignette.

Click here to watch the video and learn more. Read the case study here