A Process-oholic’s Guide to TIBCO NOW

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Earlier this year I came out as a Process-oholic and made some resolutions for 2016:

  1. Use my process powers only for good
  2. Bring process to the people
  3. Introduce the next generation of process to the next generation of people
  4. Explore process for the digital business transformation

I went silent a few weeks ago, but not because I had abandoned my resolutions. I have been working towards something colossal that is going to hit all four resolutions at once—all the process-related goodies at TIBCO NOW! What is a good process-oholic to do when they have information to impart? Map a process with TIBCO Nimbus Maps, of course!

Welcome to the Process-oholic’s guide to TIBCO NOW.

At a high level, it is pretty simple, but there is some complexity hiding in those innocent looking drill down arrows.

First, I suggest you check out the TIBCO NOW website for details on the agenda, speakers, sponsors, and events. There is a lot to see there, but I am sure you will like it and will move along in the process to “Logistics, Travel, and Planning.”

TN level 1

The real fun starts after you register for TIBCO NOW, and once you start creating your personalized agenda and meetings. There are so many great ways to interact with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). As the resident process-oholic, I happen to think that the TIBCO Process SMEs are the best ones to interact with (I am 100% biased, though).

Start your personalization right now by signing up for a Birds of a Feather gathering for your industry, or signing up for a one-on-one meeting with TIBCO Engineering or Dr. Spotfire at the Smart Bar.

Birds of a Feather flock together.

  • Digital Finance
  • Digital Insurance
  • Digital Retail & CPG
  • Digital Energy
  • Digital Airlines, Transportation & Logistics
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Digital BioTech & Pharma
  • More coming soon…

Join your flock for a meal to discuss relevant industry topics, network with your peers, and get advice from TIBCO subject matter experts.

Date and time for the sessions will be announced closer to the event. Space is limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis, so register for a Birds of a Feather session ahead of time.

Have a burning question or issue? Stop by the Smart Bar to book a one-on-one appointment to talk with our experts and engineers. You will have access to smarties that specialize in the following areas:

  • Analytics (Spotfire and JasperSoft)
  • API Platform (Cloud Integration and Mashery)
  • BPM (ActiveMatrix BPM and iProcess)
  • Digital Data Distribution (FTL, EMS, RV, and ActiveSpaces)
  • Event Processing (StreamBase and BusinessEvents)
  • Integration (BusinessWorks)
  • Messaging (EMS, FTL, and Rendezvous)

Appointments will be made on a first come, first serve basis. To make an appointment now, please email: smartbar@tibco.com

TN level 2

Once the TIBCO NOW app arrives in the App Store (stay tuned for that imminent announcement), you can create your personalized agenda from 100+ breakout sessions, 50+ customer sessions, and 20+ hands-on labs and architecture sessions.

You can look forward to some excellent process related sessions, such as:

What does “Digital Transformation” Really Mean and is it Right for You?
Join IDC’s Program Vice President and lead analyst for IoT analytics and information management research, Maureen Fleming, as she explores the realities behind some of the digital transformation hype. She will address some very real digital transformation topics: What are some common digital transformation patterns? What new core competencies do you need? What are the critical technology investments you will need to make?

A Little Digital Disruption with your Digital Business
Digital Business promises new customer engagements, improved business operations, and new and evolving business services and products, but there is a flip side. Becoming a digital business creates a demand for business change and transformation that has many implications for people and technology. Join Jim Sinur, VP and Fellow of Aragon Research, as he explores how to deal with the many aspects of digital disruption.

The Digital Business Sound-Off: Interactive Analyst Roundtable
Join this audience interactive session that will spawn lively discussions on digital business and its associated digital transformation. Featuring some of the industry’s leading analysts Maureen Fleming of IDC, Sandy Kemsley of Column 2, Clay Richardson of Forrester, Jim Sinur of Aragon Research—and you, the audience!

Bank of Montreal and TIBCO Nimbus: Regulatory Compliance and Process Transformation.
With my fellow process-oholic Dan Egan and Bank of Montreal.

Making Your Business Operations Intelligent
There are just as many ways to optimize one’s global workforce as there are ways to improve your operational efficiency. Explore how to unlock entirely new ways to optimize your business and make your business operations and workforce management more intelligent.

The Future of BPM: Processes without Process
The digital business moves quickly and takes unexpected turns. Traditional BPM with its standardized processes can’t keep up. Learn how to identify and tackle your unpredictable business operations with case management.

What’s Next in TIBCO BPM?
What’s next for TIBCO’s Business Process Management Platform? Learn about the direction and strategy for both TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM and TIBCO Nimbus.

Dirty Little Secrets about Real-World BPM Implementations 
Given by yours truly. The real world is messy—and so are real-world requirements and environments. The rise of digital business is going to complicate this even more, but TIBCO has your back. Join us as we reveal the dirty little secrets you should know before implementing real-world processes in your real-world environment.

Best Practices for Building a Successful BPM Center of Excellence for your Digital Business.
Your business is evolving. Your processes are evolving. So should your Process Center of Excellence (COE). Come to this session to learn best practices for a process COE going through the digital transformation. Presented by Raisa Mahomed and Jörg Grote.

Now if that wasn’t enough to raise your process-oholic BPM, I don’t know what is.

Be sure to swing by the poolside welcome reception to start networking and meeting all your fellow process-oholics Monday night.

TN level 3

Now it is time for the big event, actually attending TIBCO NOW and putting your personalized agenda into action!

TN level 4

Just as simple as that, but don’t forget the Digital Hub.

TN level 5

OK, OK, I give in. Just follow your personalized agenda and take advantage of the Digital Hub and you will certainly leave TIBCO NOW full of (process) knowledge. The process-oholics at TIBCO have been working very hard to create some of the best information we can to help you realize your inner process-oholic. This blog is brought to you by a 100% process-biased individual, and I probably should mention that there is a lot of information on analytics, event processing, and integration at TIBCO NOW, too.

Learn more about TIBCO NOW, and start your own 30-day free trial of Nimbus Maps to map your own processes in minutes.